Meet Our Crew


don_nelsonA lifelong resident of Cat Spring, Texas, our owner driver, Don “Hollywood” Nelson, started pulling in 1970 as a boy with his father, Gerion Nelson. It was a family pastime in the Nelson household and everyone was involved. Don bought his first mod chassis in 1980, named it the Texas Dust Buster and jumped into the pulling circuit with his buddy Robert Zajicek (Whitey). The Dust Buster sported two naturally aspirated Chevrolets. The Dust Buster was followed by another mod tractor called the Texas Flash in 1988 which sported two blown Chevrolets. The Texas Bullwhip made its debut in 1992 with three blown Chevrolets. The Bullwhip got a heart transplant in 2000 with a six cylinder DTH International being added. In 2009, Don added two 500 cubic inch Hemis to assist the DTH creating the current Texas Bullwhip.

Today, Don is supported by his wife, Terri and his three beautiful daughters. He owns and manages his successful trucking company, Bernardo Trucking, hauling rock and concrete in southern Texas. With numerous awards and championships throughout his career, Don is looking forward to a successful 2011 season.




WALL PHOTO BULLWHIPOur crew chief, Marcus Janssen has been an active duty Marine for 19 years and is currently stationed in Kansas City, Missouri.  A native of Winside, Nebraska, Marcus has been the Bullwhip Crew Chief since 1998. 

The two wheel drive truck got it’s name from Marcus’ CB handle:  Lil’ Whip. 

Marcus, has plenty of help from sons, Tristen and Ashten “Bear” Janssen who keep things hopping in the Bullwhip pits.

The Texas Bullwhip Pulling Team supports our troops